Legendary: Venom (Exp.)

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156 DKK
Expand your Legendary experience with all-new poisoned and venomized versions of your favorite heroes and villains!

Help Venom and Carnage devour their way through the Marvel Universe, on a collision course with new epic masterminds like Poison Thanos!

The Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Venom expansion features five new heroes, two new villain groups, two new masterminds, and four new schemes. The return of fan-favorite keywords like Excessive Violence, as well as some all new game mechanisms and new twists on some old ones! Watch out when a Symbiote villain ambushes the city as they might bond with another villain to create a powerful adversary!

Legendary: Venom (Exp.) i gruppen SELSKABSSPIL / Udvidelser hos Spelexperten (UD90753)
Legendary: Venom (Exp.)
Regel Sprog:Engelsk
Alder:14 år
Antal spillere:1-5
Spilletid:30-60 min
Varenr: UD90753

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Legendary: Venom (Exp.)
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