Power Grid

Power Grid Deluxe (Eng.)
For the 10th anniversary of the highly successful game Power Grid we present this new de...
431 DKK
Power Grid Recharged
What better way to earn money than with electric power?!!
325 DKK
Power Grid Recharged: Northern Europe/United Kingdom & Ireland (Exp.)
Power Grid: Northern Europe/United Kingdom & Ireland.
141 DKK
Power Grid: Australia & Indian Subcontinent (Exp.)
Power Grid: Australia/Indian Subcontinent is a pair of expansions for Power Grid!
101 DKK
Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal (Exp.)
We now add Brazil, Spain and Portugal to the list of maps available for this
great game.
141 DKK
Power Grid: Fabled Cards (Exp.)
Power Grid: Fabled Expansion offers completely new experiences.
108 DKK
Power Grid: Japan/Russia (Exp)
Two new maps with new twists:
93 DKK
Power Grid: Korea/China (Exp.)
The 4th expansion for Power Grid, with boards for Korea and China
91 DKK
Power Grid: New Power Plant Cards (Exp.)
This expansion is a whole new set of cards for this great game.
70 DKK
Power Grid: The Card Game
Kortspilsudgaven af det kendte brætspil.
98 DKK
Power Grid: the Robots (Exp.)
This expansion can only be played with a copy of Power Grid.
62 DKK
Power Grid: the Stock Companies (Exp.)
The expansion Power Grid
180 DKK