Talisman Adventures RPG: Playtest Guide (Exp.)
This Playtest Guide offers the chance to explore the Realm of Talisman as never before. 
199 DKK
Talisman takes you on a journey through magical lands, as you endeavor to reclaim the Crown of Com...
362 DKK
Talisman: Legendary Tales
Many centuries ago, legendary smiths forged the Crown of Command, a magical artefact of immense po...
286 DKK
Talisman: The Blood Moon (Exp.)
The Blood Moon is an exciting expansion for the classic board game Talisman!
159 DKK
Talisman: The Cataclysm (Exp.)
Decades ago an apocalypse destroyed the world, wrecking its cities, ravaging the land, and devasta...
325 DKK
Talisman: The City (Exp.)
The City provides those who live within it a chance to pursue their lives with a modicum of safety...
275 DKK
Talisman: The Dragon (Exp.)
Three new Draconic Lords vie for rulership of the Firelands-Varthrax, Cadorus, and Grilipus.
275 DKK
Talisman: The Frostmarch
Can you overcome the bone-chilling storms and strange creatures or will your blood freeze when you...
163 DKK
Talisman: The Harbinger (Exp.)
As dire omens fill the skies, demons roam the countryside, and plagues ravage civilization.
159 DKK
Talisman: The Highland (Exp.)
Talisman: The Highland adds a new Region to the game for heroes to explore.
238 DKK
Talisman: The Lost Realms (Exp.)
This set includes The Nether Realm and The Deep Realm Expansions.
127 DKK
Talisman: The Nether Realm (Exp.)
Journey through the realm of Talisman on your quest for the Crown of Command but beware the fiery ...
122 DKK
Talisman: The Reaper (Exp.)
Will You Look Death in the Eye?
158 DKK
Talisman: The Sacred Pool
Judgement day has arrived...
163 DKK
Talisman: The Woodland (Exp.)
Journey to the realm of the fae in The Woodland, an expansion for Talisman Revised 4th Edition!
275 DKK