Rubiks Race
A fast paced game for two players to get your brain and fingers racing.
114 DKK
Rubiks terning 2x2
Den fantastiske og udfordrende professor terning, hvor man kan dreje på den i alle retninger.
54 DKK
Rubiks terning 3x3
Er du klar til udfordringen?
84 DKK
Rubiks terning 4x4
Elsker du udfordringer?
114 DKK
Hanayama UFO
This uniquely shaped puzzle really does look like a UFO.
92 DKK
Hanayama - Cast ABC
As you can see, the letters A, B and C.
92 DKK
Rubiks terning nøglering
Rubiksterning som nøglering
42 DKK
Hanayama - Cast Donuts
Cast Donuts has beautifully shaped rings that look like 2 donuts intertwined together.
92 DKK
Hanayama - Cast Flag
Enjoy the process of freeing these flags.
92 DKK
Rubiks Speed terning 3x3
Do you enjoy speedcubing?
142 DKK
Great Minds: Churchill's Cigar And Whisky Bottle Puzzle
Can you remove the bolt from the bottle?
106 DKK
Rubiks Twister
Rubiks terning med et twist.
92 DKK
Hanayama - Cast Square
This puzzle consists of 4 pieces that are combined to form a square.
92 DKK
Rubiks Tower
Rubiks terning med et twist
99 DKK
Hanayama - Cast Trinity
A puzzle that interlocks each piece with the two other pieces via an elusive, organic design.
92 DKK
Great Minds: 8-pack
214 DKK
Hanayama - Cast Horse
Back in America’s wild west, horses were the sole mode of transportation.
92 DKK
Hanayama - Cast Marble
This puzzle has such a beautiful shape that it could easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry.
92 DKK
Great Minds: Nelson's Barrel Puzzle
Can you separate the pieces and rebuild the puzzle?
92 DKK
Rubiks Terning 5x5
Den fantastiske og udfordrende professor terning, hvor man kan dreje på den i alle retninger.
171 DKK
Rubiks Triamid
Du kender sikkert de udfordrende Rubiks terninger!
85 DKK
Great Minds: 5-pack
Will you be able to master this challenging set of metal and wooden brainteasers?
128 DKK
Great Minds: Archimedes' Tangram Puzzle
Remove the 14 wooden pieces from the frame.
99 DKK
Great Minds: Eiffel's Tower Bolt
Can you remove the washer from the nut and bolt to solve this puzzle?
99 DKK
Rubiks 360
Rubiks 360
106 DKK
Bottle Topper - Bottle Puzzle
Kan du frigøre flasken?
106 DKK 178 DKK
Great Minds: 5-pack Puzzles
Includes 5 wooden puzzles
128 DKK
Great Minds: Galileo's Globe
Can you separate the pieces and rebuild the globe?
85 DKK
Rubiks Junior - Bjørn
Sjov junior udgave af Rubiks
92 DKK