Pædagogiske spil

Rush hour (DK)
Flygt fra den forfærdelige trafikprop med din røde bil!
134 DKK
Large Domino Rallye
Today is domino day!
325 DKK
Rush hour Junior
Traffic Jam Logic Game
127 DKK
Shape By Shape
Creative Pattern Game
108 DKK
Gravity Maze
A Marble Run for Braniacs!
214 DKK
Colourful Multiplication Table
Cheerful counting fun!
72 DKK
Cheerful counting fun!
72 DKK
Laser Maze
Beam-Bending Logic Game
238 DKK
Fractions Expert
This superb puzzle helps children to understand fractions.
57 DKK
Lotto Frugter og tal
Tag en brik. Alle spillere tjekker om den matcher med deres lottoplader.
57 DKK
Counting Sticks
Learning can be fun!
72 DKK
Learn To Draw Kortlek
Want to learn to draw in a quick and easy way?
43 DKK
Sudoku Coloured
A first class crafted birchwood board divided in 9 fields
144 DKK
Drawing With Numbers
Learn to draw with numbers in a fun and easy way
57 DKK
Playing With Numbers
Quickly learn new things through play. 
57 DKK
Code Master
The Ultimate Coding Board Game
180 DKK
Colours & Shapes
You can quickly learn new things through play
57 DKK
Follow That Car
Build a road by matching either the colour, animal or vehicle - but watch out for roadblocks!
86 DKK
Balance Beans
Kan du holde balancen?
144 DKK
Counting Caterpillars
Collect 1-10 in this first colour and number game.
108 DKK
Learn English Kortlek
Want to learn English in a quick and easy way?
43 DKK
Rorys Story Cubes - Batman
In the shadows of Gotham City?
86 DKK
Brick By Brick
Creative Building Game
115 DKK
Writing Letters
Learn how to write letters in a fun and easy way
57 DKK
Peg Solitaire Jumping Game
108 DKK
Learn to Match
Learn to match!
43 DKK
Learn Multiplications Kortlek
Want to learn multiplications in a quick and easy way?
43 DKK
Let's Go Lotto
A fun travel themed lotto game
79 DKK
Circuit Maze
Electric Current Logic Game
214 DKK
Counting Fun
Easy and fun learning!
43 DKK