Human Body Anatomy Model

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Human Anatomy is the section of biology relating to the structure of the human body.

With this kit you can explore and learn about the human body by assembling your own male torso. Each piece of the skeleton and organs fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so that you can understand the human frame and the organs within it, including the brain, skeletal, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Once the bones and organs are assembled, the whole structure is encased in an outer half cleared body shell allowing your Human Anatomy Model to be viewed like a museum exhibit. Learn interesting facts about the humans organs and their amazing ability to keep us alive! 

Human Body Anatomy Model i gruppen PUSLESPIL / Modelbygger hos Spelexperten (KOS1135)
Human Body Anatomy Model
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Alder: 8 år
Varenr: KOS1135

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Human Body Anatomy Model
Human Anatomy is the section of biology relating to the structure of the human body.
253 DKK