Zpocalypse: Adapter Set 2.0 (Exp.)
The adapter set includes 8 specially cut tiles which allow you to combine front and back sides of ...
87 DKK
Zpocalypse: Aftermath - Z-Team Alpha Pack (Exp.)
It's been a year since the Zpocalypse started.
144 DKK
Zpocalypse: Aftermath - Z-Team Beta Pack (Exp.)
Z-Team Beta is a collection of miniature Survivors specifically designed to work with the board ga...
144 DKK
Zpocalypse: Horde in a Box (Exp.)
Includes 20 zombie miniatures
116 DKK
Zpocalypse: Zmergency (Exp.)
Zpocalypse introduced the mechanics of Quick Play Rules with the "Day Zero" Scenario.
151 DKK